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Zacuto Z-Focus V2 Follow Focus

Zacuto Z-Focus V2 Follow Focus

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For 15mm rods

The Zacuto Z-Focus V2 is an accurate universal follow focus that clamps onto 15mm lightweight spaced rods. It can be used on the operator or assistant side and has a reversible function for use with Nikon lenses. Clamp the follow focus base on your rods at any point and slide back and forth to align with your lens. This clamping method of attachment means you can add and remove your follow focus at any time without having to slide it on from the front of your rods. Tighten with the red knob under the follow focus. You can then adjust the follow focus laterally to make sure the gear is snug to your lens and tightened with the red knob to the side of the unit.

The follow focus will come standard with a 0.8 pitch 1 3/8" diameter gear. The gear can be flipped to the front or back of the unit to accommodate shorter lenses. To reverse the gear function, remove the gear and release the small red lever at the side of the unit. Flip the gear box, tighten the lever and reinsert the gear. There is a standard accessory port for Zacuto, Chrosziel and Arri follow focus whips and speed cranks and a removable, conical marking disc to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls.

If your lenses are not geared (most DSLR and basic video camera lenses) you can add ZipGear Universal to your lens and use the 0.8 gear that comes standard with the follow focus. The ZipGears are a 0.8 pitch. Cut them to fit the circumference of your lens and tighten with a connector and Allen key.
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